Reopening Guidelines

In coming to Refuge Calvary Chapel campus I am agreeing to the following guidelines:

Before you leave home:

Self CheckIf you or a family member have a cough, fever or are not feeling well, or, if in the past two weeks were exposed to someone with signs of COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME!

Welcome! Once you arrive on campus:

  1. Keeping it clean
    • Bathrooms are both upstairs and downstairs – feel free to wash hands thoroughly
    • Additional sanitizing stations have been set up for convenience
    • Masks are optional – help keep a judgement & comment free zone in either direction

        2. Children's Ministry

      • Any open child care facilities have increased safety precautions and cleaning/sterilization guidelines as well as a genuine intentional decrease in points of contact while not jeopardizing the learning and loving opportunity.
      • Sterilization to all contact surfaces and tables will be done before and after room use.
      • Before Entry – required for all
        • Hand Sanitation (or 20 sec. sink wash) – multiple stations available
        • Nursery kids – remove shoes and place at designated area
      • No sharing (LOL, I know)
        • Classroom: Personal kits will be used in the classroom providing supplies like pencils, scissors, etc for each individual
        • Nursery: Toys that were “closely used” by ones mouth will be removed until cleaned
        • Snacks: Will be dispensed using gloves & Dixie cups and no personal contact
      • All volunteers and teachers have been given training on changes and updates prior to their time of service. 
  • If you have tested positive for Covid within a 48 hour period of attending one of our church services, it is your responsibility to contact anyone you were in close proximity to for a period of 15 mins or more, or spoke to while in close proximity.