Reopening Guidelines

RCC Building & Property Reopening Announcement

In relation to good hygiene practices – Updated May 2020 Covid19 prevention

Refuge Calvary Chapel New Holland leadership look forward to re-opening the building for corporate worship and teaching Wed. May 27 and Sunday May 31. Please intently read this brief announcement in full.

  • Our call is to both not forsake the assembly of ourselves together and also in this, love and respect our brothers and sisters who may have extremely different approaches or thoughts as to how best do that within our church body.
  • Churches are considered essential services in PA and have been given guidelines that we will respectfully make efforts to follow as advised, taking into consideration our personal congregation and most of all direction from the Lord.
  • Online services are still available. Reopening does not mean you have to come to church. We strongly recommend that those with existing health conditions, concerns and in high risk groups continue to watch the service online until they are comfortable with their decision to rejoin with peace of mind.
  • We as the RCC leadership team ask you to respect and comply with all guidelines we are presenting. Please respect the preciousness of others and use this time to promote unity with a heart of serving each other. We want to do our best to keep the focus on Jesus, our faith and growth and reaching others with the gospel. Thank you for trusting us.
  • Email Pastor Marc with any questions


In coming to Refuge Calvary Chapel campus I am agreeing to the following guidelines:

Before you leave home:

Self Check – If you or a family member have a cough, fever or are not feeling well, or, if in the past two weeks were exposed to someone with signs of COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME!

Welcome! Once you arrive on campus:

(Phase 1 update – beginning May 27)

  1. Keeping it clean
    • Bathrooms are both upstairs and downstairs – feel free to wash hands thoroughly
    • Additional sanitizing stations have been set up for convenience
    • Masks are optional – help keep a judgement & comment free zone in either direction
  1. Social Distance – in the building and on campus
    • Why? The church has a moral obligation to protect the health of all people out of an abundance of love and extra protection to those within our church body and around us.
    • How? Maintain appropriate social distance (6’ advised) with all people outside of your household at all times. (Yes, this means no handshakes or hugs … for now.)
  1. Facility
    • Seating
      • Allow at least 2 empty chairs between each family group
      • Allow 1 empty row of chairs between each family group (Rows will be clearly marked)
      • Alternative: Lower Level will be set (for now) and the service will be simulcasted to provide a place to gather while also providing greater room for social distancing and a smaller group of people
    • Stairs
      • Main staircase will temporarily be used as the “down stairs”
      • South staircase will temporarily be used as the “up stairs”
  1. Touch Free - Please come prepared
    • No pens will be available at this time.
    • Bibles – bring your own. If you need a Bible we will give one to you to keep.
    • The Kitchen will be closed ONLY temporarily. Please be patient, we will get through this. This means we ask you to bring your own coffee, tea or water just for the time being. Water bottles will be available for urgent needs or in case you forget your own.
    • Library is temporarily closed (Only exception is for prayer time prior to the service)
  1. Serving You
    • Doors will be opened for you
    • Ushers will be available to assist you finding a seat if the chairs are becoming full
    • Prayer – Write a request or praise and drop it in the offering box for Pastor Marc
    • Care team – If you have any needs please contact . You can request confidential assistance. We care and are here for you!
  1. Parents
    • Children will be required to sanitize (or wash hands for 20 secs) right before entering classrooms or nursery. Please assist all nursery and BLAST kids and instruct your 9:13 kids to do so. They are advised to do so again when leaving.
    • If a child is showing symptoms of illness witnessed by the teacher or leader, the parent’s will be asked to either, not drop their child off in the class or nursery, or pick them up and return home.
    • Special note to encourage you that YOU have both the privilege and responsibility for these precious souls. Know where your child is and what they are doing.
    • Give guidance & correction as needed as well as encouragement when you see them following the guidelines.
    • Remind them:
      • No-one is to be in Sunday school rooms or nursery at anytime without it being opened by the scheduled volunteer
      • Lower Level is closed for now during the week unless childcare is provided
    • Set the tone: they will follow your lead in loving and respecting the preciousness of others while also following leaderships requests.
  1. Children's Ministry
    • Any open child care facilities have increased safety precautions and cleaning/sterilization guidelines as well as a genuine intentional decrease in points of contact while not jeopardizing the learning and loving opportunity.
    • Sterilization to all contact surfaces and tables will be done before and after room use.
    • Before Entry – required for all
      • Hand Sanitation (or 20 sec. sink wash) – multiple stations available
      • Nursery kids – remove shoes and place at designated area
    • No sharing (LOL, I know)
      • Classroom: Personal kits will be used in the classroom providing supplies like pencils, scissors, etc for each individual
      • Nursery: Toys that were “closely used” by ones mouth will be removed until cleaned
      • Snacks: Will be dispensed using gloves & Dixie cups and no personal contact
    • All volunteers and teachers have been given training on changes and updates prior to their time of service